We are pleased to "point" you to our new additions from the V. Shaw "Book of the Dog"!(2/11)

The chromolithographic plates of the many dog breeds from this book are very popular and this category had some real holes in inventory recently. I discovered an extremely nice copy of the work from a very well respected antiquarian bookseller in Great Britain and jumped at the opportunity to purchase it. Now, those holes are holes no more and all of the breeds are back in stock and ready for new homes! Enjoy collecting your favorite breed.


C.M. Barker Apple Blossom Fairy

The ever-poplular prints from "A Flower Fairy Alphabet" by C.M. Barker are all back in stock and ready for purchase!(1/11).

These lovely little plates of the flower fairies with the letter names on them are incredibly popular for children's bedrooms and playrooms. A favorite thing to do is to use them for the initials of a child or to spell out the name of the child. These plates are from a first-edition book which increase their value. Reserve yours today before they disappear!

William Curtis Amaryllis Raginae

Many new W. Curtis Botanicals have been added to the Curtis Botanical Magazine category (12/10).

Take a look! These new ones are all early, first series plates, beautifully hand-colored, many are very showy and there are some double-page plates among them. Thanks to all of my wonderful customers in 2010 and sincere wishes for a Happy Holidays!

Redoute Rose

We are proud to announce the addition to our catalog of a number of prints from Pierre Joseph Redoute’s monumental works Les Roses and Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs.

P.J. Redoute (1759-1840) was a pupil of the famed botanical artist Gerard van Spaendonck at the Jardin du Roi and was later the official court artist of Queen Marie Antoinette of France. It was during his tenure with Empress Josephine, however, that he produced what are considered his finest works: Les Liliacées (1802), Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs (1827-1833) and his most famous work Les Roses (1817-1824).

Les Roses is widely regarded as the defining work on the subject of roses while the Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs is considered the most sumptuous and accomplished of his later works. These works both employ the stipple engraving technique that is prized for its subtlety of color, tone and shading. Redoute was credited for having developed and perfected the stipple engraving technique and was awarded a medal for it from King Louis XVIII of France.

We are pleased to offer several fine examples from Choix Des Plus Belles Fleurs and Les Roses. These plates are extremely rare, are all in excellent condition and beautifully display the subtleties of stipple engraving.

Redoute prints represent the epitome of botanical art and as such have historically added great value to botanical collections. Reserve yours today!

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