Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of an “antique” or “rare” print?

Most of our prints are at least 100 years old and some are almost four hundred years old. They were printed in limited numbers on hand made paper (in many cases) and hand-colored. This is in contrast to mass-produced prints made today using high-speed presses (offset lithography). The antique prints that we sell fall into the category of “Decorative” prints which generally means that they are prints that originated as bookplates from rare books. In some cases, they are one of only a few hundred that were printed and so they are very rare indeed.

Do you sell reproductions?

Never. All of our prints are original and authentic antiques and the dates and information about the print given in the description are accurate. Guaranteed.

Do you offer proof of authenticity?

We will be happy to provide a certificate of authenticity at no extra charge. This handsome document has all of the information listed relevant to your print(s) and is especially helpful for valuation and insurance purposes.

Do you sell the prints matted?

All the prints sold from our online catalog are sold without mats unless otherwise noted. We feel that it is best to have the matting done on your end so that they will best match the type of framing that you choose. However, should you wish for us to mat them, we can do so using a high quality, museum quality antique white acid-free mat. For pricing, please inquire when ordering.

Do you sell the prints framed?

Framing styles are so numerous that there is no practical way to offer this service on the Internet. Framed items are also difficult to ship without breakage and this is another reason that we do not sell framed prints.

Do you have colorist services available for uncolored prints?

Yes. We have a fine colorist available to hand-color any uncolored print that we have in inventory. Our colorist will also hand-color other prints that you already have in your collection, but wished were tinted. This service is competitively priced and the turnaround time is reasonable. Just contact us at info@stonegateprints.com for your estimate.

How do I pay for my order?

Orders are charged in US$ dollars. You may charge your order on all major credit cards using PayPal. PayPal also offers an e-check payment option although this method of payment is subject to clearance.

When is my credit card billed for the order?

Your credit card is not charged until you order is ready to ship.

How much do I pay for shipping?

Nothing! At Stonegate Antique Prints, domestic shipping (within the US) by USPS First Class Mail is included with your order. International clients benefit by deducting 10% from their actual shipping charges.

Why is shipping insurance required?

Most prints are difficult, if not impossible, to replace. To protect our client’s order from damage or loss, we require that postal insurance be taken on all orders. The insurance is billed at actual cost to the client and no profit is made from it.

What are your delivery times?

Within the US, print orders are shipped by USPS First Class mail from our East Coast location. Generally, it does not take longer than four to five days to receive your order. If you need faster delivery, then priority or express mail service is available at actual cost to the client. International orders are dealt with on a case by case basis to determine the best option for the client and delivery times will vary accordingly.

Do you ship worldwide?

We are happy to ship to clients the world over.

How do you pack the prints for shipment?

Your order is packed flat using all new materials in a smoke-free environment. We take pride in our packing techniques and endeavor to pack your order in such a way as to minimize the possibility that it will be damaged in transit. We have had numerous compliments on the care and quality of our packaging.

Do you answer questions about prints?

We gladly answer questions pertaining to the prints that we sell in our online catalog. Due to the large volume of requests for other items, we regret that we cannot answer print questions of a general nature.

Do you appraise prints?

We do not appraise prints over the Internet simply because it does not allow us to view the item firsthand. Viewing an antique print in person is the only way to distinguish the subtleties of an item and to allow for an honest evaluation of condition, coloring and authenticity. If you live near our East Coast location, we would be happy to speak with you about arranging an appraisal. For appraisals out of our area, we suggest contacting an antique print dealer, gallery owner or auctioneer in your locale with sufficient experience dealing with the type of print that you want to have appraised.

Why do antique prints cost more than modern ones?

They are much more difficult to find, cost considerably more to buy and keep in inventory and represent the purchase of an item of art much more likely to appreciate than a mass-produced modern reproduction.

Do you buy old books, prints and maps?

We are sometimes, but not always, in the market to buy these items. If you have an item that fits in with the themes of our catalog, simply send us an email with the title and a brief description (no photos) of what you have to sell. If we are interested in knowing more, we will contact you for more information.

Do you offer discounts to persons in the interior design and decorating fields?

We are pleased to offer discounts to persons engaged in the design and decorating fields. Business license information and/or tax resale number required. Please contact us for more information.

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