William Curtis
Botanical Magazine 1787

Commencing publication in February of 1787 and continuing all the way through today as Kew Magazine, The Botanical Magazine has had a remarkable history as the longest running botanical periodical publication.   The Magazine used some of the finest botanical illustrators of the day; starting with Sydenham Edwards, it also employed James Sowerby and later Walter Hood Fitch.  The artistry of the illustrations, the sharpness of the copper plate engravings and the excellence of the hand coloring have all combined to made this work very popular and sought after by collectors.  The First Series (1787-1826) comprising volumes 1- 40 is considered to be the finest work of the publication, attributed in great part to the beautiful work of Sydenham Edwards.  "A delightful work pictorially...Most carefully colored and a source of lasting interest and information." G. Dunthorne

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Botanical Magazine 1787


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