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A.B. Lambert Description of the Genus Pinus 1832 First Octavo Edition
A.B. Lambert  Description of the Genus Pinus 1832 First Octavo Edition
The Description of the Genus Pinus first appeared in 1803 in folio dimensions. The illustrations by the great botanical artist Ferdinand Bauer (and one each by Georg Ehret and Franz Bauer) elicited the admiration of the imminent German philosopher Goethe himself a talented amateur botanist and botanical artist. What most distinguishes this work is the three-dimensional nature of the drawings the artist having graded his tones to give a natural appearance as opposed to the compositions of earlier artists that provided a somewhat flat perspective. As Goethe stated so admiringly, "It is a real joy to look at these plates, for Nature is visible, Art concealed." The first octavo edition was published in 1832. This copy is in good to very good condition, very nicely hand colored but with scattered spotting and finger soiling to text and plates. The binding is in very good condition overall however the hinges on the front cover are starting. This is a rare and beautiful volume on the conifers and will make a very valuable addition to a fine botanical collection. References: Nissen 1126; Great Flower Books p. 64; Stafleu TL2 4146.
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