Johann W. Weinmann
Phytanthoza Iconographia 1735

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741) was an apothecary and botanist who resided in Regensburg, Germany.  He produced the Phytanthoza Iconographia between 1735 and 1745; this highly regarded work comprised eight volumes with approximately 1000 colored plates.  The Phytanthoza Iconographia was notable as the botanical publication that first used the Mezzotint method of printing (color printed, then finished by hand) invented by Ludwig von Siegen.  Another notable fact of the Phytanthoza Iconographia is that Weinmann employed, at bargain basement rates, a young botanical illustration apprentice named Georg Dionysius Ehret who produced approximately 500 of the beutiful plates for the publication. Ehret would later go on to become one of the seminal botanical artists of his time and whom is today considered among the finest of botanical artists.


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Phytanthoza Iconographia 1735


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